We really care

We care for our guests, We care for the environment, We care for our staff

«WeCareHotels» is a family group of four hotels (more than 250 rooms and aparthotels), situated in France and Belgium, with three core values :


  • « We care for our guests » : we aim for the total guest satisfaction.  Therefore, we put our guest at the heart of what we do !
    • We try to welcome our guest as best as possible, from the booking to departure
    • We give our full attention to the guest.
    • We try to be above expectations
    • For us, every guest is important, individual or in group
    • We respect our guest
    • We have a a continuous quality monitoring

Our 4 hotels have a minimum score of 4/5 on Tripadvisor. In addition, our French hotel has the "Quality Tourism" label and our hotels in Wallonia the "Wallonia Destination Quality” label.


  • « We care for our environment » : we try to minimise our environmental footprint.

This is based on 6 pillars :

  • Participation of all our staff : everyone is involved !
  • Improvement of the environmental performances of our technical installations ex. water saving taps, solar panels, charging stations for electric cars, …
  • Continuous reduction of energy consumption and natural resources ex. use of bicycles for short trips, own beehives in 2 hotels which produces the honey for breakfast, …
  • Control of the production and treatment of waste ex. Eco labeled soap and shampoo dispensers, …
  • Involvement of suppliers in our environmental approach ex. limitation of packaging, …
  • Encourage customers to reduce the ecological footprint of their stays ex. display in rooms, “green bar voucher”, …

All our hotels have the "Green Key" label


  • « We care for our community » : we want the well-being of our community in general and our employees in particular.  
    • We take care of our employees so that they can provide value-added services to customers and the local community.
    • We also help many charities, in kind and / or financially.
      • In kind support : e.g. offering our furniture to local associations when we change for new ones
      • Financially : by running my last marathon in Ghent, I collected 8888 euro for Justine for kids, the foundation of Justine Hénin, which helps children with cancer

For us, ethical entrepreneurship ensures our guests, our employees, our partners and the communities that we are an ethical organisation, which does not exist simply to achieve goals or to make money.